Cosmic Kilim

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Cosmic Kilim
  • Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are hand-painted by Sophie Leininger and printed in California.

  • Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are made in the USA

  • They are non-toxic, phthalate, latex, and lead free as well as certified child safe


24" x 70" x 1/4"

From the designer: This mat is painted from one of my favorite carpet traditions: the flat weave Kilim! Kilim’s are incredibly versitile and used by many travelling and nomadic cultures as they can become compact when folded yet still offer much needed warmth and decoration. I love the geometric interpretation of eyes, hands, and flowers, and the free spirited travel these carpets recall. Like a steaming cup of morning chai, an infinite landscape of ancient flat weave motifs and animal allies warm the deepest abyss of your heart, while cool rivers of turquoise align your energy channels with the chillest of calm vibes. Your vessel is sacred and you are beautiful!